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Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent

Set up new policies, maintain existing policies, and help with the claims process. Personal lines insurance agents handling life, health, accidental, and Medicare insurance policies. Types of insurance include  life, health, disability, short-term and long-term care insurance. Also special coverage insurance including children and grandchildren policies. 

Life Insurance

Tax Planning

The process of analyzing one’s financial situation logically with a view to reducing tax liability. Tax planning involves planning your income in a legal manner so to avail various exemptions and deductions.

Tax Assistance


Recording of accurate financial transactions, is part of our professional services process of accounting in business and other organizations. It involves preparing source documents for all transactions, operations, and other events of a business.

A Certified Tax Expert

Provides our best of services for professional assistance in calculating, preparing, and filing tax returns for those with local or federal tax liabilities who request their services. 


Bank Reconciliation

The process by which the bank account balance in a (business) entity’s books of account is reconciled to the balance reported by the financial institution in the most recent bank statement.

Individual Consultations

Individual consultation is fundamental to the fairness of any dismissal for redundancy. All employees are entitled to a consultation with their employer if they are at risk of being made redundant, or are affected by the redundancies of others, even if they are not at risk themselves.

Bail Bonds

Bail Bondsmen

Typically front the money on behalf of defendants, in order to get them out of jail. A bail bond works as a surety bond, which means that the bondsman is essentially vouching for the defendant and that they will show up to their court date.

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